My first recollection of wanting to be a writer dates back to when I must have been a junior high school student. I remember thinking some of my best work was lost every night. I was certain that the stories unfolding in my head as I fell asleep were worth saving. I wished someone would invent a machine to  record my dreams. I envisioned the device would record my nighttime creations with a cap adorned with wires. The wires would lead to a machine able to translate thoughts into words on paper. I expected this dream keeper would reveal that my night time musings were great stories; stories that would become best sellers and block buster movies. To my knowledge such a device has never been built. This, however, is not the reason that so many wonderful stories are lost. It is not within my power to help preserve the stories people don’t want to tell or stories that people chose not to take the time to tell.  I do have the knowledge and experience to assist writers or writer wannabes who feel insecure about story telling and publishing. The purpose of this site, and my companion blog (see link in right column of main page), is to create a means to translate ideas into words; words to be proud of, words to share and words that will inspire others.

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