Are You a Writer?

Are you writer? Everyone is a storyteller, and everyone who knows how to put words on paper or a computer is a writer.Think about it. You make lists, send emails, tweets. These are all forms of writing. True, these shortened forms aren’t likely to earn you a publishing contract, but not everyone writes because they want to be published. In today’s digital world, publishing contracts aren’t the only or necessarily the most effective best way to spread a message. The best  way to improve your writing is to write. Write often. Write on scraps of paper, your computer, your iphone…anywhere. Well, ALMOST anywhere!  Have a conversation using the written word. Don’t let punctuation, grammar or spelling impede the writing; these actions come later. Don’t worry about how many words or pages you are writing, in fact, don’t worry. Writing should be a therapeutic time. A time to get what’s in your head and in your heart out where you can see it. There’s no requirement to share what you’ve written; in fact, don’t share it until you’ve shaped the words that convey your message in a clear, engaging manner. Editing comes later.

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6 responses to “Are You a Writer?

  1. I am definitely a writer. Good post! It definitely is therapeutic for me:)

  2. Lua

    I completely agree that the best way to improve your writing is to write, write and then write some more! Great post 🙂

  3. Yes Pamela….I am starting to be at a point were I feel,it is time to write.Time to share the wonderful discoveries I am going through.Time to share the reality of what I am seeing as the veil of my life is lifted….Time to share….I am learning..You are an inspiration…

    • Pam

      I am very happy to be an inspiration. Please share this site with others, because whether our goal is to publish for the world or a small circle of friends and family our interest in writing is to share. With daily encouragement from people such as yourself I will work hard to add content daily.

  4. DL Turner

    One thing about writing that only those with a true passion for writing possess is the ability to convey a distinct emotional transferance of feeling using the correct words. “You know what I mean” blossoms into a powerful explanation of what you are actually thinking and feeling. This ability comes about only from writing with passion! The rest is just reporting. 🙂

    • Pam

      For some passion is there from the beginning, for others there is a need to scrape away the artifice, to feel comfortable with watching the ink flow (is this an archaic reference in the Internet era?), before the words convey the real story. There is also a need for reporting without passion. Unfortunately, the news today is often more editorial than truth in reporting. The world needs both kinds of writing. In all cases, there is still a need for good writing.

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