Simple Solutions

A well meaning friend advised me to: “Hurry and put up a few simple posts such as: “5 tips for getting started” or “How to know what to write ABOUT?”. Make them be simple and to the point. If bullet point tips is what you’re looking for, I’m positive, there are plenty of places on the Internet to find writing formulas. You won’t find them here. I don’t believe there is a formula. What worked for Shakespeare, isn’t echoed by Vonnegut or JK Rowling. You need to find your own way and your own voice. The first step is to get comfortable with writing.

Would you agree that anyone can paint? If a person is physically able, it is possible to place paint on canvas. Isn’t this the action of painting?  At the definition for painting is: to coat or cover anything with paint or to engage in painting as an art. It is the latter definition where the question of what is art that the question “what is painting” is left open to interpretation. We don’t really question that we are painters, we question if we are artists.

The same is true with writing.  Most of us can writers, but not all who writer are artistic in their product. If you wish to write, as Nike says: Just do it! If you want to be accomplished in your writing, there is much you should learn. Indeed, many famous painters went to art school. Some skills are learned, some are inherent, and some pour out from the heart.

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