Writer’s Block

I don’t believe in writer’s block. After all, people rarely run out of things to say, and never run out of thoughts. If you can think it or say it then you can write it down. Once you have something written down there are many techniques for deciding where to go from here.

Wander. Look at what you’ve written and let your mind wander. It isn’t important where you go. Wander around. See if you find an idea you want to expand. Even if you decide not to develop any of the ideas, you’ve created a list to refer to later.

Springboard. Build upon the original idea, leap to another place to find a starting point. If you can’t springboard off of your own ideas read the newspaper, listen to the radio, take a walk…Listen and see if you hear something that gives you an idea from which you can move forward.

Internal dialog. Hold a conversation with yourself. Discuss something that you’ve heard. Think about something that’s been bothering you, that challenges you, that motivates you. We all have ideas that haven’t been given the chance to come forward.

Exercise your body, move your mind. Go to the gym. Go for a walk. Clean your home. Sometimes being engaged in physical activity helps to shake out new ideas. If you move around you’ll be actively looking and listening, and possibly walk into the idea you needed.

Take a break. Maybe you’ve been thinking TOO hard, or your brain is tired. A snack, a shower, a nap can be good refreshers. A snack not only provides fuel for thought, it also provides tastes, smells and visual images to stimulate new ideas. Showers, tubs and naps allow the brain to step out of its hyper-drive mode. In a more relaxed state, fresh ideas have a chance to take shape.

There should be no reason to get frustrated. There is so much around you and in you. Put any of it down and play with it. At the end of the day if you don’t like what you’ve written, then move on to something new tomorrow. However, what you did today was time well spent. Not every idea is a masterpiece, but each idea has value.

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