OMG What Will You Do, cont…

The saga continues… I get a call this afternoon from John. He is the bookseller who called last week because he was unable to obtain a copy of my book for a customer. John says he’d like to see if I’m still agreeable to send him a book. The bookseller says the forms the “publishing” company aka printer sent him aren’t worth the effort. John wants to buy 1 book. To me even one book sold is golden. But it is only 1 book to the bookseller. One $15.99 book. The publisher sent John’s store forms to set up an account in order to buy the one book. John says he will do it (this man really wants to satisfy his customer. Now THAT’S customer service) if that is the only way to get the book, but if I’m still willing to send him a book he’d be grateful. I tell John I wish I was in Washington. Firstly, because I think it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Secondly, because I’d like to take him out for coffee. We could have a gripe session. We’re both  indie’s – he’s an indie bookseller, and I’m and indie writer/publisher – and both finding it difficult to stay afloat. We could commiserate about the state of the publishing industry. I assure John that it will be no problem for me to wrap the book and mail it to him today. After mailing a number of books out for promotion and review I know that priority mailing will cost about $5-6. BTW the USPS isn’t making it any easier on authors to distribute their books. Can you believe the price of postage? John says the cost is no problem. The customer is responsible for shipping costs. Hurray for the customer. This particular customer chose not to buy on Amazon. With a minimum purchase the customer could have saved postage and sales tax. But, NO, they wanted to support their local bookstore. Insert APPLAUSE here. I suggested to John he call his customer and ask if they’d like me to autograph the book. John suggests I simply sign my name. DONE! Book is in mail. John has sent me a check! One book sold.

So that’s what this author is doing to get her book out. It’s ONE book at a time. My original goal was 100,000 books. It’s going to be a LONG time at this rate. However, you know that each book is being sent out with a lot of love and effort.

BTW John said the customer heard about the book on TWITTER!!! Guess I’m going to keep my efforts up with SM a lot longer.

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4 responses to “OMG What Will You Do, cont…

  1. Hi Pam – how sad that a local book store has to jump through hoops to provide a customer with a requested book. I am headed to my local store next day or two to see if they may be interested. Glad to hear Twitter has at least provided one sale – now if we can get the rest of the world to see how great this book is…

    Oh, posting book review on Amazon in just a few minutes – first time doing this so may take a bit 😦

    I personally recommend “Living in the Heartland: Three Extraordinary Women’s Stories” to everyone!

    • Pam

      Thanks Faith for your support. Though I am only one author with one book, my success depends on many people. Not just readers, but also on other writers, social media marketers, and anyone interested in hope, inspiration, and self-realization. Working together we can demonstrate that success is possible with the combined effort of others, many people we’ve never met. People who care about the message. Your support and faith in my efforts and me inspire me to continue my work, and, I hope that my reply is an inspiration to you too.

  2. Pam, I enjoyed your article on The New Publishing Deal/ Scam which touched on some interesting points. It sounds more like a publishing pyramid. Pyramids are illegal. You are right, the writer buys into the deal and then the publisher has made their money up front. The writer is left holding the “bag” of books. These are difficult times for everyone, including small independent publishers. They are desperately looking for ways to make money and one of them is by playing on the hopes and dreams of writers. I agree with your suggestion that writers should spend their hard earned money on a good editor to shape and improve their book. Even if their book is not picked up by an agent or big publishing company they will still have a better chance of selling a well edited book. As their book sales increase, it may catch the attention of a hungry agent and ultimately a reputable publishing house. I have found that when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I’ve also found, from watching other writers self-publish, that it takes money to make money, so don’t throw money away. I think the best advice you gave is for writers to put their hard earned dollars behind what they believe in…their book… and then NETWORK! NETWORK!

    • Pam

      The hardest part for the self-published is PATIENCE. There is a LOT of work and networking involved. Thanks for your comments. BTW did you see the March 10th post on my women’s blog I think you’ll recognize the woman honored there 😉

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